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Essentials To Have Before Puppy Comes Home


Crate- even though they have the plastic crates I prefer the wire crates with the removable bottom just in case the puppy makes a mess. The size should be 24”L X 18” W X 19” H; For Pets 11-25 llbs.


Leash and color and name tag- a xs small to sm collar 8 in to 10 in diameter will fit the puppy. A light weight leash 6 feet long or the retractable are all acceptable.




Toothbrush- These are rather inexpensive and are a good habit to start with your puppy.



A comb/Brush- I like the comb but any brush will do. Brush every couple of days to get tangles out. If you send a “matted” dog to the groomers they will charge you extra to “de-matt” or shave them down. Making them goofy looking.




Toys- Both squeaky and chew toys are recommended, such as bully sticks or cow hooves.