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"Lady Diana" is our lovely black and silver from South Carolina.  She is always happy, loving, and playful. 

"Chloe" is our striking Black and Silver! She has a beautiful silky coat. She has so much love and energy for everyone!

"Nadia" is a Salt and Pepper girl who loves to be with you at all times. She wants to play with her toys and  loves to play tug and run and get the ball. We are still working on bringing it back.

"Bella" is my pretty little black/silver girl who is a daughter of Duke and, (now retired) Holly.  She is always keeping me on my toes and loves to snuggle in bed with me.

"Fiona" is our female from Poland and Spain, with a full Champion Pedigree. She has a sweet disposition and great confirmation. 

"Vivian" is our new stunning Black and Silver. Like Sage she has come over from Europe, with a full Champion Pedigree. She is a very pristine and a loving new family member!

"Nora" is our new Salt and Pepper! She is very sweet and loving with a great caring personality! She is just like our old Emmy! Very docile and a great cuddle buddy!

"Lilly" is our fun-loving Salt and Pepper. She has a bright and caring personality! She loves back scratches and laying in the shade.

"Ivy" is our loving and active young Black from Poland.  She is a joy to have around the house and loves to cuddle! She is very playful, kind and loving to all.

"Elsa" is our stunning Back and Silver female! She has a sweet and contagious personality. She is fun loving and a great snuggle buddy!

"Luna" is a lovely Black and Silver who we imported from Poland. As a puppy she  won several shows. She is very loving and playful with great definition. 

"JOY " is a happy fun-loving salt and pepper schnauzer who likes to be with you.  She loves to play games like fetch. She loves to settle in on our laps.

"Ivan" is our male from Poland. He has a very loving and affectionate personality. He is very playful and fun to be with.

"Sage" is our new loving and charismatic salt and pepper! She came over from Europe, with a full Champion Pedigree.

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