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Times Change

        Stephanie's Schnauzers is closed. All of our adult dogs have been adopted into wonderful homes and we are beginning refunds of deposits. These will be completed ASAP. We should be able to return your deposit before June 1.       

         It was 20 years ago that I began the wonderful adventure of breeding miniature schnauzers. I believe I have helped many many families find their loving forever pet. Recently I have found my health has become a major obstacle to this endeavor. Breeding schnauzers is very physically demanding and requires a young body and strength. Unfortunately I have little of both since being hit head on by a drunk driver. Steel hips help but don't function like the real thing. Despite my husband's help, it has become more than I can handle. So I have decided to close my kennel and end my breeding.

       It is a difficult decision because not only are the schnauzers very dear to me, but so are you. You are not just customers, but friends and families. As schnauzer lovers we have a unique bond together that will never end. 

       I hope we can keep in touch and please keep sending those wonderful photos.

​                                                      love, Stephanie

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